Wrates Skegness Photography Business Rescued

News story review

The following article gives us a great insight into Wrates Photographers, one of Skegness’ early photographic business and how, but for the employees, it nearly folded in 1980.

Source: Skegness Standard 6th June 1980
Photo: Wrates Studio
“Staff take over to save firm”

Former employees of Wrate’s, the old established Skegness photographic firm which they have just taken over, stand proudly outside the shop in Lumley Road.
When the firm was faced with liquidation, they clubbed together and bought it up and a few weeks ago they changed its mane to Wrates of Skegness (1980) Ltd.
Mrs Rosemary Roffe, company secretary, is second from the left. The others, all directors, are, from the left:
Mrs Margaret Dawson, Mr Dennis Oakes (chairman), Mrs Maureen Sewell, Mr Peter Roffe and Mr Kevin Derbin.”


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