Withern Cottage Preserved at Church Farm Museum

1980 saw an invaluable piece of British heritage nearly lost forever. Thankfully, the seventeeth century cottage  was rescued and restored, and two years later, sited in Church Farm Museum, Skegness, preserved for future generations. Let’s read the original story of the Withern Cottage:

Time Catches Up with an Old Cottage

A BRICK and pantiled cottage at Withern, near Alford is in the process of being demolished following the death of its late occupant, Mr J. Collins.
This is distinctly unfortunate because it is no ordinary cottage. The removal of a few tiles showed that, at some period, the “new” roof had been superimposed on thatch and behind the 150-year-old brick exterior was a mud and stud timber frame construction typical of the Elizabethan era.
It is a pity that an outstandingly interesting example like this, should have to be destroyed but it was in such a sad condition caused mainly by woodworm and passage of time, that there seemed no alternative. In any case the staircase was so steep that it would fall far below the standards of modern requirements.


And here is how Withern Cottage looks today. Thank goodness SOMEONE cared!

Church_Farm_Museum (24)


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