Unique Jolly Fisherman Plate

LANDLADIES’ Larks may be long gone in Skegness — but they are not forgotten.

jolly-fisherman-plateAnd to prove it, retired hotelier Mrs Lily Garner (pictured) of Beresford Avenue was presented with a plate, made especially for her by Pountney’s and featuring the Jolly Fisherman.

The plate was presented to Mrs Garner by the chairman of Skegness Hoteliers’ Association Mr Albert Thompson. Mrs Garner’s husband, Harry, was also present for the occasion.

Friday afternoon’s Hoteliers’ Ladies’ Association meeting was the venue to interest younger members who have never seen a Landladies’ Larks show.

Mrs Garner — who ran the Sherwood Lodge in Drummond Road, Skegness, with her husband until they retired a year ago – received the plate for her service to the hoteliers from 1947-79.

She was involved with the Landladies’ Larks show for 20 years helping make the costumes and doing a lot of the choreography.

Source: Skegness Standard 2nd May 1980

Photo: Wrates Skegness


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