Tonglet's Corner

This 1980 article shows three views of the junction of Lumley Road and High Street, now dominated by Tonglet’s restaurant, hot dog out sales and cake shop.


The next picture was found by Mrs J. Smith, of Lifeboat Avenue, Skegness, among her late mother’s possessions. Then, she says, it was known as Turner’s Corner and sold photos and Skegness rock.
The photo, taken in the late First World War years or immediately afterwards, shows her cousin, Sheila Hallam, who died at the age of 28, with her parents —Mrs Smith’s uncle and aunt — who emigrated to New Zealand and are now in their late nineties.


The photo below, owned by Mr Henry Wilkinson, shows it as Jackson’s Corner in the same period, probably slightly later.
Mr Jackson set up business as a photographer in Skegness after the war. He was the first man to do walking pictures, which he named ” Skeg-cards.” He also had a studio in Lumley Road. His proofs were put on view at the corner and customers placed their orders there.
Seats for Clement’s Entertainments could also be booked at the corner and the picture shows Jimmy Loft, Skegness’s own comedian, pointing to a poster advertising his benefit night.
Mr Jackson, whose wife is seen in the window behind him, later moved his “Skegcard” business to the pier entrance, where he had two kiosks built.


Finally, let’s remind ourselves how this area of Skegness, now the Hot Roast Snack Bar, looks today, 2008.



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