Seafront Walkway Collapses

HIGH tides at the weekend brought about the collapse of 50 yards of Lagoon Walk, Skegness. Over a period of time the sand had been scoured away at the base and the latest battering sent the foundations tumbling into the hole below, taking much of the tarmac surface with them.

Coastguard Mr Bernard O’Reilly, who came across it while on patrol on Sunday afternoon said: “I was surprised. It’s a right old mess now. If it had been dark it’s quite possible I might have landed up in the hole in the Land-Rover.”
A spokesman of East Lindsey District Council estimated that it would cost £2,000 to repair. The damaged area had been fenced off and the work should begin next week. Extra rocks would be needed to fill the hole and sand would be brought from other parts of the beach to pile up against it.
The area affected is at the northern end just before the walk bends west towards rower Esplanade. The surface connecting with the esplanade is now hidden beneath sand, which will not be cleared until the spring. Nor will any resurfacing be done until then.

“Last year the sand built up at that corner,” said the spokesman, “but the beach has reshaped itself over the last six months.

“Our intention is to carry out repairs to avoid any further damage at the next high tides in mid-November. Our main concern is to stabilise it.”

Source: Skegness Standard 31st October 1980


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