On Saturday last Mr. Fieldsend, proprietor of the museum on the beach near the pier, experienced a very unpleasant trip in a canoe. It appears that he left the beach in one of these small craft -with a view to securing a few sea gulls.

Unfortunately he ventured too far out to sea, especially as there was a strong westerly wind blowing at the time, with occasional squalls. On discovering that his position was becoming dangerous he endeavoured to turn the canoe round and make, for the shore, but in this he could not succeed, and what was still worse he soon found himself rapidly drifting out to sea.

His position was now one of imminent danger, and he was himself unable to do anything to avert the apparently impending calamity.

Fortunately there was a smack a short distance off, the crew of which saw his dangerous condition, and at once went to his assistance, and rescued him from, there is little doubt, a watery grave, and shortly afterwards safely landed him near Gibraltar Point.

Skegness Herald 1888


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