Memorial Window First Skegness Mayor

MEMORIAL WINDOW TO THE LATE COLONEL IREMONGER, the First Mayor of Skegness in St Matthew’s Church Skegness

The relatives of the late Colonel Iremonger have just placed a handsome stained-glass window in the east end of the south aisle of St. Matthew’s Church, in memory of the gallant colonel.

There are two “lights” in the window and in the one near the chancel the subject is the scene of the agony in the garden of Gethsemane, our Lord being in a kneeling posture and an angel immediately above presenting a cup to Him. On this part is the inscription “By thy cross and passion good Lord deliver us.”

In the light on the right hand the subject is the crucifixion, with Jerusalem in the background and a centurion kneeling on one side, and also the words “Truly this man was the Son of God.” In these words the centurion is represented as giving his testimony that the crucified was the Son of God.

The variations of tone in the different pieces of glass give a great richness of effect, and the artist has displayed great care in the arrangement of the colours, which are bright and pleasing.

At the foot of the window is a band, running the whole length, on which is inscribed “To the glory of God, in loving memory of Henry Edward Iremonger, Colonel Bengali Staff Corps,born 25th March, 1826, died 21st February, 1888, this window is placed by his widow, sister, and children.

The artist was Mr. W. H. Constable, F.S A., of Cambridge.

Source: Skegness Herald 21st December 1888

I visited St Matthew’s Church in Skegness to track down the memorial window to Iremonger, but unfortunately it is no longer there. In its place is another memorial window which was placed in 1951, just after WWII.

Was Iremonger’s memorial damaged during the war? We know that the nearby Scarbrough Avenue Baths and the Red House suffered bomb damage during a Second World War air raid.

Any further information on this is welcome.



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