Lincolnshire Show Antique Medal

OFFICIALLY it was the 97th Lincolnshire Show last week — but medal and coin collector, Mr Eric Burman (left) of Horncastle has proof that the first show goes back over 100 years.
On Monday he showed a County Focus reporter a large and heavy bronze medallion. It was over two inches in diameter and on the obverse side was a likeness of Charles Earl of Yarborough, the date 1871 when the medallion was struck and the name of the engraver L. C. Wyon.
The reverse bears the legend Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, President’s Medal, Spalding Exhibition and the date it was awarded —1872. Around the edge is engraved: “Awarded to W. Rainforth and Son for adjustable rotary corn screen.”
Mr Burman, who was a founder member of the Horncastle Coin Club, felt there might be considerable interest in the date of the award.
And there is an additional mystery. Immediately after the name L. C. Wyon and in the same tiny lettering, is the letter F. Could anyone have an ideas as to what that letter stands for?


Note: The Lincolnshire Show official website is currently promoting 2010’s show as the 126th, ie founded in 1883, concurring with the 97th anniversary as stated in this 1980 story. However, the same website states that “the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society was formed in 1869 and is best known throughout the county as the organiser of the annual Lincolnshire Show”. So it appears that although the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society WERE holding shows in 1872, the date on the medal, but they weren’t actually CALLED “The Lincolnshire Show”.

Mr Burman’s point is debatabe, I suppose!


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