Fravigar's Sweet Factory

The only sweet manufacturers in Skegness, Fravigar Ltd are celebrating 10 years in their premises on Grantham Drive this month.
When the firm started work in their new building in January, 1970, they were the first company to take over a building on the industrial estate.
Since that day, many changes have taken place at the family firm which first started business way back in 1924.
Just over a year ago the building, specially built for Fravigars, measuring approximately 70 feet by 70 was enlarged to about 110 feet by 110.
Handed over
Seven years ago the founder member of the sweet family firm Mr Fredrick Fravigar who will be 80 in a few weeks time, handed over the reins of the firm to his son John.
Mr Fravigar’s other two sons, Neville and Michael, who used to work for him, have now started their own businesses.
Mr John Fravigar’s sons Dean (22) and David (20) are production managers at the firm and it is hoped they will take over the firm when their father retires.
Output increased
New machinery has been bought over the 10 years and now 20 people are employed — six more than when they moved into the building.

Output has vastly increased as well. They are now manufacturing about 15 ton of sweets a week and delivering to places like Stoke on Trent, Mansfield, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds and of course locally.

Inflation has taken its toll of prices though. Mr Fred Fravigar explained that about six years ago a three pound bag of sweets was sold to the public for five shillings but now the same bag is sold for about £1.30.

The firm started in 1924 when Fred with the aid of his wife Elsa (77), sold rock on the beaches of Skegness and Mablethorpe.

A man in Boston made the rock for the couple but in 1950 they moved into a building in Thralls Yard, Skegness, and started making their own rock and sweets.

Before 1950 Fred also used to run a haulage business carrying ice from Boston dock and selling it to various people in Skegness.

They became wholesalers and stayed in those premises for 20 years before moving into the new building on Grantham Drive, Skegness.

Fred and Elsa, who live at Ida Road, Skegness, have worked hard all their life and tried their hand at various jobs as well as running the rock factory.

Many years ago Elsa used to run a cafe in Lumley Road where fish, chips and peas cost only 2s 6d.

More than 30 years ago Fred bought a large wooden boat called the Royal Lady and during the summer used it as a pleasure cruiser carrying between 150 and 200 people at a time.

Three generations of the Fravigar family at their sweet factory on Grantham Drive, Skegness. In the middle Is founder of the company, Fred; on the right Is his son, John, and David, his grandson.

Source: Skegness Standard 11th January 1980

Photo: Lincolnshire Standard Group


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