Disgraceful Condition of Old Church Footpath

Letter to Editor:

Dear Sir,

Would you allow me, through the powerful advocacy of your columns, to draw attention to the disgraceful condition of the footpath leading down to St Clement’s Church.

After passing over Mrs. Houghton’s field the road is strewn with lumps of soil, what we in Lincolnshire call “squads”.

The road is well-nigh impassable, for ladies entirely so, and the mud at the end of the drain bridge is at least three inches in depth.

I met the parish clerk the other day and asked him how he managed to struggle through on the Sabbath, and as soon as the poor fellow could command his voice he told me, with deep emotion, how terrible was the struggle he had to flounder through, assuring me that nothing but the fact that he had respect unto the recompense of his reward could induce him to endure it.

Now, sir, a person with my limited intelligence cannot be expected to know whose duty it is to see that the roads are passable, but I have the impression that I pay rates for that object, and along with my fellow-citizens claim the right to be able to visit the last resting-place of those whom we still love without passing over a road which is a disgrace to the town, and not very creditable to those whose duty it is to put and keep it in proper repair.

Trusting my calling attention to it may be the means of so desirable a consummation,

I remain, dear Sir, Yours truly,

Samuel Moody

Alma Cottage


Jan 30th 1889

Source: Skegness Herald 1st February 1889


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