Death of a Lady through Fright


A young lady named Lizzie Barnes, who resided at Helpringham, near Sleaford, has just died at Skegness under very sad circumstances. She went there for a holiday on Thursday, and after having obtained lodgings she went out, and was seen walking about on the sands.

Nothing more is known of her actions, but it is supposed that she was making her way across the sands to the pier (where there was a display of fireworks), when she lost her way, and, becoming frightened at the perilous position in which she was placed owing to the rising tide, she was seized with a fit and instantly died.

Her body was not discovered until the following morning, when it was found face downwards in one of the creeks.

At the inquest a verdict that the deceased died in a fit of apoplexy, caused by sudden fright, was recorded.

Source: The Derby Mercury (Derby, England),Wednesday, September 25, 1889

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