Winston Churchill Visits Skegness

winston_churchillThis news article gives account of Winston Churchill’s visit to Skegness in 1886. In the story, Winston is not referred to by name but as the “elder of the two sons” of Randolph Churchill.

We are told that Master Churchill took lodgings on Gomersall Terrace which nowadays is near the Envy Nightclub and Marine Boathouse on Lumley Road.

During his visit, Winston Churchill had his photograph taken at Charles Smyth Studio which was situated on the corner of South Parade and Lumley Road near the Clock Tower.

The photo shows Winston Churchill perhaps a year before his visit to Skegness.

Source: Skegness Herald 20th August 1886

Distinguished Visitors

Two of the sons of Lord Randolph Churchill, Chancellor of the Exchequer, are now on a visit to Skegness.
They came her last Tuesday week, and will probably stay a week or two longer.
They have taken apartments at Mrs Clay’s, Prospect House Gomersall Terrace, and are accompanied by Mr Roose, son of the family doctor, as their companion, and an attendant.
The elder of the Master Churchills is about eleven years of age, and the younger nine.
The former is a clever and remarkably intelligent lad, and both are highly pleased with their visit to Skegness.
The family of Captain Fellows, MP and Lady Rosamond Fellows who is sister to Lord Randolph Churchill, has been staying at Prospect House during the last five weeks, and are still there.
Captain Fellows paid a short visit here a few days since.
Lady Rosamond Fellows was here with her family some weeks last year.
As our seaside resort becomes better known we feel persuaded it will receive increased patronage from the upper classes.

Below: Gomersall Terrace


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