Theft at Skegness Cricket Club


A blight was thrown over the proceedings in the Skegness cricket ground on Wednesday by the apprehension by Inspector Pearce of one of the leading cricketers, playing for the Skegness team, for robbery.

Frank Bontoft, of Boston, who is a well-known in this district as a good cricketer has been playing for the Skegness team during the cricket week, and on Tuesday and Wednesday played for the team in a match against the Suaith (South Yorkshire) Wanderers.

It appears that during the past few days some of the cricketers had lost money from the pockets of their clothes left in the dressing-room at the Pavilion.

The police were communicated with, and on Wednesday they marked some coins and gave them to Mr. T. Brearey, the sec. to the Skegness cricket and quoit club, who put them in his coat pocket and left his coat, as usual, in the dressing-room.

Bontoft went into the room shortly afterwards, and not long after he had left, Mr. Brearey found the coins, or some of them, had been taken from his pocket.

When the teams adjourned for luncheon Inspector Pearce spoke to Bontoft and informed him of the robbery, and also that he (Inspector Pearce) had reason to suspect him of stealing the money from the dressing-room.

On searching him he found one of the marked coins (half-a-crown) in his possession, and then charged him with stealing the money and took him into custody.

The prisoner was taken before R. Pocklington Coltman, Esq. at Spilsby yesterday (Thursday) and remanded till Monday next.

Source: Skegness Herald 1886

Photo: Skegness Cricket Club.



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