Rare Species of Moth in Skegness

I need help here! Perhaps some budding entomologist can shed some light on this ‘rare’ lepodoptera! The article below gives the Latin name of a moth which was found in Skegness, Dieranura Vinida. It MUST be very rare as search as I may, I simply cannot find a picture of it on the internet!


On the 23rd inst. there was observed by Professor Davies a curious specimen of insect life hovering about the vicinity of his camera obscura, which is situated at the extreme end of the Skegness pier.

The professor was so fortunate as to capture it, and upon examination it was found to be one of those beautiful and extremely rare species of moths termed Dieranura Vinida, the beauty of it being beyond description.

It is now in the possession of Mr. Wain, of the Counties Photo Company, North Parade, who will have great pleasure in allowing any entomologist or others interested to examine this interesting specimen, so seldom found upon our coast.

Source: Skegness Herald 1886


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