Jack the Ripper Murders Whitechapel

Attempted Murder in Whitechapel Annie Farmer

Immense Excitement

Great excitement was caused once again in the East End of London on Wednesday by the attempted murder of a woman in the district of the recent Whitechapel atrocities. The woman’s name is Annie Farmer, and is over 30 years of age.

She met a man on Wednesday morning near Spitalfields church, and accompanied him to a common lodging house in George Street, running out of Flower and Dean Street. About half-past nine o’clock the man suddenly left the house and immediately afterwards the woman came downstairs with her throat cut and bleeding profusely. Her assailant was pursued, but was ultimately lost sight of. The woman was under the influence of drink, but the police are in possession of facts which will probably early lead to the identification and arrest of the would-be-murderer.

It is the general opinion that he is not the man known as “Jack the Ripper”.

Jack the Ripper Letter

Mr Saunders, the sitting magistrate at the Thames Police-court, received on Wednesday a letter purporting to come from “Jack the Ripper”. The envelope bore the Portsmouth post-mark, and was directed as follows:- “To the Head Magistrate, Police Court, Whitechapel, London.” It read as follows:-

“No 1, England, 1888.
Dear Boss, – It is no good for you to look for me in London, because I am not there. Don’t trouble yourself about me till I return, which will not be very long. I like the job too well to leave it long. Oh, it was such a jolly job the last one. i had plenty of time to do it properly, ha!ha! The next lot I mean to do with Vengeance, cut off their head and arms. You think it is the man with the black moustach. Ha! ha!Q ha! when I have done another you can catch me. So good-bye, dear Boss, till I return. – Yours, Jack the Ripper


Photo below: model of Jack the Ripper at Church Farm Heritage Museum Skegness.



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