A Romantic Suicide

A young man named Frank Burrows, between 16 and 17 years of age, lately residing with his parents at Hastings, has committed suicide under romantic circumstances.
He was found lying jammed between the rocks on the beach at Ecclesbourne valley, about a mile to the east of Hastings by the coastguard.

At the inquest held, it transpired that the deceased, who was an apprentice to an ironmonger at St Leonards, had left a letter at his home, stating his intention to kill himself. He had, he wrote, met his young lady on the pier, and he “could not live without her, as he loved her with all his heart and soul.” All he asked was that his family should not grieve for him. The letter concluded with the words, “Goodbye for the present.”
The evidence of the doctor showed that the lad had evidently thrown himself from the cliff, which is very steep at Ecclesbourne, as his skull was fractured, a thigh broken, and his face disfigured. The tide, which flows to the base of the cliffs, had afterwards carried the body to the rocks some little distance from the shore.
The jury returned a verdict that the deceased committed suicide whilst in a state of temporary insanity.



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