New Skegness Pier Landing Stage


We are pleased to state that a very necessary improvement is about to be effected at the pier-head. Many of our readers, and no doubt many of the visitors to our watering-place, will remember the difficulty that has been experienced in landing and embarking passengers at the pier in a rough sea. This will to a great extent be obviated in future by the steamers being able to come alongside pier on the south side, where it has been decided to erect a landing stage at a cost of about £150. The steamer will be able to lay to here in comparative safety, sheltered as she will be by the pier-head, and with her stern to sea. The landing stage will be 40 feet long and 8 feet wide, and will consist of two platforms, one 18 feet above low water mark, and the other 28 feet. The first platform will be about 10 feet below the level of the pier, and both platforms will be approached by steps placed about the centre. The platform at the end of the pier will remain as at present. The new structure will be of pitch pine, and the cost of the work will be borne conjointly by the Pier and Steamboat companies. The contractor for the pile-driving and framework is Mr. S. Sherwin of Boston, and the work will be commenced forthwith and completed by the end of May next.

Source: Skegness Herald 28th April 1886


This stage is now in course of erection. During the severe gale on Thursday last the temporary platform which had been erected for the men to work on was completely washed away, but fortunately the material was recovered. It was with difficulty that it was prevented damaging the pier-head, by being washed against the ironwork by the heavy sea. Favourable weather has since prevailed and the work is now proceeding.

The picture below shows passengers boarding the ‘Privateer’ pleasure boat from Skegness Pier’s landing stage.



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