Mutilation of a Donkey

Mutilation of Cattle

One of the most dastardly outrages on poor dumb animals that has ever taken place in this neighbourhood was committed near the Vine Hotel on Wednesday night last.

Adjacent to the Vine Hotel is a field belonging to Mr. Atkin, donkey proprietor, and where he keeps his donkeys by night.

This morning on going to the field for the animals, one of them was found missing.

A diligent search was made in the deep dyke which runs along one side of the field for the missing animal and it was eventually found lying there dead.

This, however, was not all.

A most ghastly sight was presented on moving the poor animal. It was found that its head had been about half cut off from the top of its neck downwards, not far from the shoulders, and a pool of blood was traced for some distance from the place where the animal was found.

It is supposed that the outrage was committed with a sickle, and that the poor animal ran a short distance in great agony and dropping down dead was thrown into the dyke.

Suspicion at once rested on the Irishmen, who, it is probable, thought the animal belonged to the landlord of the Vine Hotel, and that they were having their revenge on him for refusing them drink.

The matter was at once placed in the hands of the police, with the result that Inspector Taylor has taken several Irishmen into custody on suspicion of having committed the outrage, and they will probably be taken before the magistrates at Spilsby in the morning.

We understand that a sickle has been found in their possession having blood and donkey’s hair on it.

Source: Skegness Herald 9th August 1885


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