Drunk and Disorderly in Church


During the midnight service in St. Matthew’s church on Monday, an unusual scene occurred.

The service was conducted by the Rev. E. R. Iremonger, and while it was proceeding, a person well-known in Skegness, went into the church in a most inebriated state, and staggered up the aisle as well as he could and took a seat close to, and directly in front of, the pulpit.

While the rev. gentleman above-named was delivering an address he kept interrupting, and his conduct altogether was so bad that he had to be removed.

Fortunately P.c. Costar was near at hand at the time and took him out of the church.

Mr Tapster, one of parish constables, who was present had previously appealed to the party to conduct himself in a proper manner, but to a drunken man such an appeal was in vain. After his removal the service was proceeded with in a quiet manner.

It is hoped we shall not again witness an occurrence of a similar nature.

Source: Skegness Herald 1884

Photo: St Matthew’s Church Skegness (picture by Paul Gooch)


Please note: the picture is from our collection of stock photos and is used here for illustration purposes only. None of the people in the photo is connected in any way with the news story.


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