An Old Mystery Solved

Information has been received at Sipson, a village about two miles from West Drayton, on the Great Western Railway, with reference to the death of a police sergeant of the T division of the Metropolitan force, which occurred about 20 years ago.

The officer, a man named Collins, was found dead on the Sipson-road, early in the morning, having apparently fallen from his horse, which had afterwards returned home.

At the coroner’s inquiry, Dr. Bullock said a wound on the front of the head might be satisfactorily accounted for by the fall, but he could not give an explanation with regard to one at the back of the head, except that it was the result of violence, and in the absence of further evidence of a direct character, the jury returned an open verdict.

It is now stated that a man named Stevens, who was at that time a notorious character in the district, recently made a deathbed confession in America, to the effect that he had attacked the officer from behind, and gave him a blow on the head which caused him to fall from his horse.

Stevens emigrated to America shortly after the occurrence, and remained there till his death.

Source: Skegness Herald 10th July 1885

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