Scavenging in Skegness

Here we have a letter written to the editor of the Skegness Herald complaining about scavenging in Skegness.

The term ‘scavenging’ had a totally different meaning in Victorian times than it does today.

If one was referred to as a ‘scavenger’, it meant the person was responsible for clearing the streets and town of rubbish, rather like today’s refuse collectors or ‘bin men’. Of course, the modern meaning of the term is quite derogatory, picking over others’ left-overs.

Considering the actual content of the letter, nothing changes does it…?

Scavenging – Letter to the Editor

Sir – I wish through the medium of your valuable paper to draw the attention of the Sanitary Authorities who are responsible for the above neglect, that my ash-pit has not been cleaned out for nearly five weeks.
I hear several complaints of a similar nature.
I think we ought to have such rubbish removed at least once a week, taking into consideration the high rates we are called upon to pay for the same.

Source: Skegness Herald 2nd May 1884


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