Death of a Horse on Skegness Sands

The story below leaves one questioning whether something underhand was going on.

The horse handler refused to sell his animal and later that day, coincidentally, the horse suffered an unexplained death after being let to ‘a gentleman’.

Was the horse poisoned in revenge?

If so, did the ‘gentleman’ have anything to do with it?

Wouldn’t we love to know!

Death of a Horse on the Sands

On Saturday afternoon last a rather painful occurrence was experienced on the sands.
Mr W Allison, one of the pony drivers, let his animal to a gentleman for an hour, and when nearing Gibraltar Point it suddenly fell down and expired.
The animal was worth £15 and in the morning of the same day Allison was offered £14 for it, which he refused.
A subscription list, we hear, has been set in motion by Mr T Idle, and we hope that the poor man’s loss, which is a serious one, will soon be recouped.

Source: Skegness Herald 30th May 1884


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