Skegness needs a Fire Engine!

We have heard a great deal of late of the desirability of a fire engine being provided for Skegness, and the necessity of such a provision will, we presume, be brought home to our local authorities with very great force after hearing of what occurred last week.

A fire broke out at a farm in the parish of Addlethorpe, and a messenger was dispatched to Wainfleet for the fir engine which is kept in that town.
It appears that the brigade and engine were ready but no horses could be obtained to take the latter to the scene of the conflagration, and the farm buildings were consequently left to the mercy of the devouring elements.
Had the wind veered round from the direction it was then blowing it is very probable that the dwelling-house as well as the out-buildings etc would have been totally destroyed.
Our townspeople may picture to themselves the unpleasant position they would have been in had a fire occurred in Lumley Road, and had they not been able to secure the services of a fire engine for want of horses to draw it hither.
This condition of things will, however, soon be remedied, and at the Easter vestry it is expected that it will be definitely decided to purchase an engine for the protection of this town.

Source: Skegness Herald 9th February 1883


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