Sad Boating Accident (Illustrated Police News)

A sad boating accident has occurred at Skegness, a popular watering-place on the Lincolnshire coast of the Wash. by which it is feared at least eight or ten persons have lost their lives.

On Saturday a large number of excursionists from Sheffield and Nottingham visited the place, and in the afternoon a number arranged to have a sail.

As it was low water, the steamer which gave the ‘sea trips’ could not get close to the pier, and a boat was engaged to carry the passengers from the landing stage to the vessel, a distance of about 150 yards.

This boat was stated to be able to accommodate about ten persons, but when it started for the steamer there were in it fifteen of sixteen persons, including two or three women.

The little craft was so heavily laden that the sides seemed to be only about four inches above the water.

It had proceeded only a short distance when several of the passengers, finding the water was coming in, requested the boatmen to take them back to the landing-place.

It is reported that he merely replied “Oh, you’re all right.”

He continued his course, but when about seventy yards from the steamer the boat capsized, and the whole of the party were thrown into the water, which at that point was eight or nine feet deep.

Many of those on the pier witnessed the occurrence, and did all in their power to assist in the work of rescue, but this seems to have been made difficult from the arrangements of the place.

The unfortunate excursionists who had been immersed in the sea were struggling for their lives, whilst those on shore could not give them succour.

Eight or ten persons who were in the boat are missing, and it is supposed that they have been drowned.

Most of them belong to Nottingham.


Source: 1883_The Illustrated Police News etc (London, England) , Saturday, August 18, 1883


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