New Police Station for Skegness

Source: Skegness Herald 1883


This new station which is situated on the Roman Bank has just been completed and Inspector Watkin has taken up his residence in the same.
At the Petty Sessions at Spilsby, on Monday, our new station was appointed to be used as
one of the occasional court-houses, where cases it may be heard, tried, determined, and adjudged, pursuant to the Summary Jurisdiction Act. 1879 The powers of the magistrate or magistrates at these occasional courts are confined to imprisonment for 14 days, and to fining offenders not, exceeding 20s including costs. Hitherto every trifling case has had to be taken to Spilsby, and the expense of moving prisoners thereto incurred, but in future, cases of drunkenness, and all other petty offences, may be disposed of here, and the services of any magistrate who happen to be in the town, or here on a visit, may be secured for that purpose.

The Police Station on Roman Bank, Skegness is pictured below as it is today. The building has altered very little. The second photo is of the rear of the police station which shows the securing bars up to the windows. The building was still used as police cells up until the early 1970s.


police_station_skegness_rea”The new Police Station on the Roman Bank, near the estate offices, at Skegness, has just been completed and occupied.
It consists of residence for officer in charge, three cells, room for occasional court-house, stable, carriage house etc.
Inspector Watkin from Wainfleet is the resident officer.”
Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle 30 March 1883


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