Masonic Hall History

Source: Skegness Herald 1883

Pembroke House School

There is now being erected, and in fact is rapidly approaching completion, a large and commodious building at the corner of Rutland and Ida Roads, for the Rev. E. R. lremonger, principal of the above-named boarding and day school.

The reverend gentleman established a high-class school, for the education of the sons of gentlemen, in Algitha Road, only a comparatively short time since, and it has been attended with such success that the present building is not adequate to the requirements. That such is the case cannot be a matter of surprise as this is the only school of the kind in the neighbourhood, and was what was much required.

The new building is not only a most commodious one, but is situated in the best position in Skegness, having immediately in front of it the beautiful pleasure gardens and the sea, commanding a magnificent view of both. It is being built by Mr. T. J. Kassell, who has already erected a handsome terrace adjoining. We understand the Rev. E. R. Iremonger has taken the building and premises on a long lease.

Before giving a description of the building we may state that at the back is nearly one acre and three-quarters of land enclosed for a playground, where various kinds of amusements may be indulged in by the boys. Two fives courts are being erected, and workshops and gymnasium are in contemplation.

masonic_hall_1 (3)

The building consists of five stories, including the basement, where there is a large kitchen, scullery, dining-hall, lavatory, and other necessary offices. There are two staircases on every floor throughout the building, one public for the boys, and the other private. A door from the basement opens out to the playground. On the ground floor on the right-hand side, is a large school-room 35ft. by 20ft. exclusive of the bay windows, and this room may also be used for the purposes of private theatricals.

In the centre of the room is a sliding partition. On the left is a dining-room about 20ft. square. This floor is approached from the street by five flights of steps. There is an entrance porch with inlaid pavement, and double doors with the upper panels of glass. The entrance hall is nine feet wide. On the left side is a large dining-room a room for a library, and a lift for taking anything from the basement to the upper portion of the house. There are also lavatories etc on this floor.

The second story contains a spacious corridor, one bed-room 20ft. square, and three other bedrooms, a drawing-room about 20ft. square, lavatories, etc.

On the third story is a beautiful sitting-room, five large bedrooms, storeroom, suitable bathroom, lavatories, etc. This portion of the building is divided, as it were, into two parts, one for boys and the other for servants of the house.

The fourth story contains seven bedrooms for boys, and three for servants. This portion of the house is divided into two distinct parts, so that in case of fever or other disease breaking out, the parties suffering from such may be isolated. The house throughout is being admirably fitted up on the most improved principle, and will be supplied with hot and cold water, bells, etc.

On either side of the entrances are massive, carved and ornamental caps and trusses, together with the name of the school and the monograms of the principal, and on the top of the roof is a gilded filial, and the front altogether has a very imposing appearance.

Below is an advertisment for the school as placed in a 1883 issue of the Skegness Herald


Alas, Pembroke House School didn’t last for long and was up for let three years later in 1886.


However, in 1909, the building was advertised in the Guide to Skegness as the Essendon School.

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