Letter to Editor Touting in Skegness

What an insight into Skegness life – you can almost feel the hustle and bustle scene described below.

In this letter to the editor, one can almost hear the spoken word of an old Skegnessian. Look at the first phrase of the letter “It nearly time that something was done to stay …”.

Dear Sir,
It nearly time that something was done to stay the ‘Touting System’ as practised upon the visitors upon their arrival at our railway station.
The disgraceful scenes as witnessed there and in Lumley Road and High Street, plainly prove that such a system does exist among the lower class of lodging house keepers.
One day upon the arrival of a certain train a visiting party were besieged by numbers of the said “Touters”.
One at length succeeded in walking off with his prey, and had even got a part of luggage inside the premises, when lo and behold, up comes “Touter” No 2 (a woman) and literally drags luggage and party to her own lodgings.
Such proceedings as these cause visitors to our little seaside resort to look upon us with displeasure, and their report upon their return home cannot be in our favour and gain us the good name, and respect we should have.
I trust the hint will be taken and the practise discontinued, and beg to remain
A Well Wisher.

Source: Skegness Herald 13th July 1883

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