Great Attractions in the Pleasure Gardens

Mr Ensor, the lessee of these Gardens, is providing great attractions for visitors at Whitsuntide and during the season. A fine specimen of the Bactrian Camel arrived here on Saturday last and will be kept in the gardens for the entertainment of the public.

camelA four-wheeled waggonette capable of accommodating about a dozen children at a time is being prepared, and will be drawn about the beautiful gardens by the camel.

Goats drawing small carriages will also be provided. There are already several peacocks an the grounds, and more will arrive in a few days, as well as swans, muscovy ducks, geese and other waterfowl.

These are expected to arrive on Saturday as is also a splendid band.

An excellent pianist who has been engaged has already arrived, and his clever performances on the piano are greatly admired.

Dancing will commence on Monday next, and a skating rink will also be opened on Monday evening.

It will be seen by this brief outline that the attractions in the gardens during the season will be varied and somewhat numerous.

Source: Skegness Herald 1883

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