Fresh Water Secured for Skegness

PURE water is essential to the health of a community, and it is of the greatest importance that a town so circumstanced as our own should have an abundant supply of it.

To this end the managers of our waterworks have for some time past devoted their attention.

The strata here, however, are of such a nature as to make it very difficult to obtain the desired supply. The water has hitherto contained a certain quantity of salt and with a view to securing that necessary article in its purest form the Earl of Scarbrough’s agent, Mr H. V. Tippet, has used his every effort, and it must be gratifying to our readers to know that he has at last succeeded in his endeavours.

Various ways had been suggested to him to secure this desideratum. It was, however, ultimately decided that the artisan well in the Burgh Road should be bored to a much greater depth in order to see if there was any probability of procuring the necessary supply of pure water from that source. We are pleased to state that on reaching the lower green sand, which is at a depth of three hundred and twenty feet, water of an un-exceptionally pure quality has been found.

It is, moreover, not only of the best quality, but there is also an abundant supply of it. It has been analysed by Dr. Walker and pronounced by him to be the best and purest of water. Consequently the necessity of falling back on the original supply which contained so much salt will be obviated, and we may at once state that the wells which furnished this water have been closed since last summer and will not be re-opened, the present supply being abundant and the water pure.

It is particularly adapted for making tea as well as for all other domestic purposes.

The works are now in progress, and a powerful engine and other necessary appliances will forthwith be procured and fixed so as to bring the supply at once into axe. The local public will be pleased to learn these facts, and to know that they will be able in future to supply the visitors with the best cup of tea to be obtained so far as water is concerned.

There is now no doubt that the question of supplying Skegness with an abundant supply of pure water is solved, and settled for some years to come.

Source: Skegness Herald 1883

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