Extraordinary Case of Poisoning

An extraordinary case of poisoning has just occurred in our neighbourhood.

A young widow named Blades, who was acting as nurse to the wife of a labourer at Ingoldmells, made a blackcurrant pudding for herself and the family on Thursday last.
In making the pastry she used unknowingly some arsenic which she took from the mantel-piece.
She thought it was baking powder, and did not take the precaution to see that it was the powder she required.
She, the husband, and his three children, ate the currant pudding for dinner.
They soon afterwards began to vomit greatly, and fortunately some neighbours gave them emetics [preparations to induce vomiting].
They all recovered except the poor woman Blades, who died through the poisoning on Tuesday.
An inquest was held on Wednesday when a verdict to the effect that she accidentally poisoned herself, was returned.

Note: the story also appeared in a national newspaper, but this time, the name and occupation of the householder is revealed:

Source: Skegness Herald 14th July 1882

A strange case of poisoning has occurred at Ingoldmells, in Lincolnshire.

A waggoner named Deans purchased some arsenic for poisoning rats, and put it in a spice-box which was placed in the clock-case in his kitchen.

A nurse emploted in the house took some of the arsenic and put it in a pudding.

Deans and his two children partook of the pudding, but recovered from the effects of the arsenic.

The nurse went home, and died there.

Source: Worcestershire Chronicle – Saturday 22 July 1882



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