Cattle disease in Skegness

The Herald reported a meeting held at the Courthouse under the “Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act to discuss an outbreak of glanders.

Present were Rawnsley, Canon Rawnsley, Rev Cracroft, Walker, Macinder, Walker, Welsh, Sharp, Wingate.
The incident was reported by the inspector, Mr Pitt of Spilsby.
A horse belonging to bathing van proprietor, Mr Lidgard of Skegness, had been found affected with glanders.
The horse, which had been previously running in a field in Skegness, had died as preparations were being made to have it destroyed.
The Herald stated that it was informed that a horse, which had belonged to Mr Lidgard a short time ago, and which had exchanged hands several time since he sold it, had been suffering from glanders and had be recently shot at Wrangle.
It was supposed that the outbreak of the disease had arose from that animal.
The Inspector requested instruction and it was decided that two other horses belonging to Mrs Emmerson or Mr English and Mr Albert Dennis should be temporarily prohibited from being moved from the field which they were in.
The field was on the road leading to the Vine Hotel..
There was a mare and a foal in an adjoining field, divided only by a wire fence, and which belonged to Mr Clark, were also prohibited from removal. This was because, as the horses were likely to have been in contact with the dead animal. they also could be infected.
The Inspector was directed by the court to make a through inspection of all the horses in Skegness and to report the result to the committee at a meeting to be held in Skegness the following Saturday.

The Herald warned the readers that any person having any infected animals were expected to immediately report the incident to the police, or be subject to a heavy penalty.
The Veterinary Inspector was empowered to enter and inspect all stables, yards and premised suspected of having diseased animals.

The Skegness Herald concluded the article with a hope that with all the necessary precautions being taken, it is hoped that there will be no other outbreak of the contagious disease.

Source: Skegness Herald 30th June 1882


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