Building Brick and Tile Works


These works, which are situated on the Wainfleet Road, and not from the railway station, are now in full swing.

Brick making operations commenced last week, and upwards of one hundred thousand bricks are already made ready for the kilns. Fires in these were lighted yesterday (‘Thursday) for the first time this year, and in a few days there will be an unlimited supply of bricks, and of which material the builders are greatly in need.

The brickyard has been considerably enlarged, and new kilns and sheds have been erected, and two large and powerful engines employed in working the brick making machinery, taking the clay from the pits, &c.

New offices have been built for the manager, Mr. Warth, and stables provided for horses. One of the machines alone is capable of turning out 1,000 bricks per hour, and about three millions altogether will be made this summer.

Source: Skegness Herald 1883


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