"Sudden Collapse of the Skegness Pavilion"

I nearly had a dicky-fit when I first saw this 1881 newspaper advert!

Old 1881 newspaper advertisement

“The Coleridges at Liberty…..Vacant through the SUDDEN COLLAPSE OF THE PAVILION, SKEGNESS!”

1881 – the Pavilion not long built, and before Skegness had a newspaper to report any partial or otherwise ‘collapse’ it may have suffered!

After grabbing a stiff drink (any excuse lol), I studied the wording analytically – the advert was appealing to other showbiz people, so maybe “collapse” is old showbiz jargon for ‘the sudden annulment/collapse of the CONTRACT with the Skegness Pavilion’? Rather like a builder might say to his mate today “the Manorcrest Estate (contract) has fallen through” – “the Manorcrest Estate has collapsed”.

So, which is it??

Source: The Era (London, England), Saturday, August 13, 1881

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