Skegness Pier Official Opening

Another little gem of information we’ve uncovered…

In our discussion on whether there was an official Royal opening of the Skegness Pier in 1881, we learned that although the Duke of Edinburgh landed on the pier, more by accident than intention, the whole affair was apparently rather rushed. The Boston Guardian reported that His Royal Highness was swiftly transported to the coastguard station to inspect the ‘troops’, the purpose of his visit, and so concluded that he did not perform an official pier-opening ceremony.

According to the snippet in the 1881 newspaper cutting below, it appears that the Skegness Pier was originally intended to be officially opened by none less than the Prince of Wales! However, the Prince of Wales was unable to grace the town with his presence, and the “Sailor Prince” (Duke of Edinburgh) would perform the ceremony in his stead.

So it seems an official ceremony WAS arranged but never actually came to fruition – probably because the Duke was running late and didn’t have time?

The Hull Packet newspaper cutting 1881

Source: The Hull Packet and East Riding Times (Hull, England), Friday, March 18, 1881


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