Mysterious Disappearance of a Skegness Man



Joseph Smith, of Roman-villas, Skegness, foreman at the Lincolnshire Agricultural Show Yard, Gainsborough, aged about 50 years, suddenly disappeared on Monday. He had been lodging at Northolme, close to the show ground, and on Sunday morning received a letter, presumed to contain bad news. He commented upon it in low spirits, and appeared moody and despondent all day.

Early on Monday morning he went down to Fidell’s Wharf, by the Trent side, to inspect a cargo of timber brought in for the show-yard. Nothing more was seen of him, but he had taken off his coat and hat and laid them in the boat. It is presumed that he then jumped overboard, as he has not yet been heard of again.

Source: The Hull Packet and East Riding Times (Hull, England), Friday, July 6, 1883

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