Lincolnshire Coast Shipwreck Association Lifeboat Inspection

Six Hours from Skegness to Mablethorpe

A meeting of the members of this association, which was in union with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, was held at the Eagle Hotel, Mablethorpe on July 27th, 1882.
The Skegness lifeboat left on the previous afternoon for Mablethorpe, and her departure was witnessed by a large number of persons.
The weather being unfavourable, it took them six hours to get to their destination, where they arrived about half-past eight. The crew had four hours hard work under oars, and two hours sailing. The coxswain of the Skegness lifeboat was Thomas Smalley.

During the meeting the rocket apparatus was practised by the coastguards men under the command of Lieutenant Pritchard.
The inspector of lifeboats, Captain Vincent Napean reviewed the lifeboat from nearby towns and villages.

The lifeboat presented for inspection by Skegness was the “Herbert Ingram” 33ft long, 8ft wide with 10 oars, given by Mrs Ingram and friends, and stationed in 1874.

Source: Skegness Herald, 4th August, 1882.


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