Church Mice eat Organ Keys

Church Mice and the Organ

“As poor as a church mouse”.
This phrase has become proverbial and is, no doubt, well known to our readers, but in order to accommodate it to our present purpose we will use it in the plural and say “mice”, for it has been proved that there has been more than one of these animals in St Matthew’s Church.
A few weeks ago it was found that the ebony keys of the organ had been seriously damaged, and at first it was supposed that it was the act of some evil disposed person.

Our energetic police were on the alert to discover and apprehend the offender, but on closer examination it was found that the real offenders were “church” mice,
The damaged keys were replaced, but still the church mice carry on their work of destruction and continue to feed off the ebony.
One would have thought before resorting to such means for a subsistence, they would have migrated to the land of plenty.
We are informed that three of these animals have already been caught, and two or three days since a mouse trap was to be seen, and probably may now be seen, on the keys of the organ.
If church mice are such destructive animals the sooner they take their departure from our parish church the better.

Source: Skegness Herald 3rd November 1882


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