Verger of St Matthew's Church

There has this week been erected over the grave of the late Mr. John L. Dunn, in the north-west corner of the new portion of the Skegness Churchyard, a handsome tombstone, partly subscribed for by the Rev. F. Baldwin, former rector of this parish, and other friends. Mr. Dunn was for sixteen years parish clerk at Skegness and verger of St. Matthew’s Church, and was well-known, and highly respected, not only by the parishioners but also by a large number of visitors. It was therefore the wish of many of his friends that some suitable memorial should be erected to his memory. The memorial decided on consists of a cross standing on three plain steps, the total height being 6ft. 5in. and the base 2ft. 6in. by 2ft. A wreath of flowers is hanging down the front of the cross, on which portion of the memorial is inscribed the words “In loving memory of” and on the first base immediately underneath “John L. Dunn, who died June 15th 1895, and on the second base, “Aged 53 years”. For sixteen years clerk of the parish of Skegness and verger of St. Matthew’s Church. On the lower base are the words ” Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.” The work was entrusted to Mr. J. H. Hall, monumental mason, Lumley Road, Skegness, by whom it has been most satisfactorily carried out. The stone used was from the Clipsham old quarries, near Stamford, and a kerbing has been placed around the grave of the same material.
We have received the following letter from the widow of the late Mr. Dunn :—
“Sir,—I do not know who gave you the information you published last week about my late husband, John Dunn’s gravestone. It is not correct. There have been no subscriptions from anybody except two small presents kindly given by the Rector and the late Rector. I and my family chose the monumental stone for ourselves ; it was not decided upon by any friends.
Yours faithfully, THIRZA DUNN.”
Source: Skegness Herald 17th and 24th April 1896
Photo of Rev John Dunn’s headstone in St Clement’s Church by Angela Gooch
Dunn John reverened

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