Underground Toilets Built

Source: Skegness Herald 15th January 1897

This news article covers discussions by the Skegness Council regarding the erection of the underground toilets in Skegness.

Erection of the Public Convenience

The subject of the erection of the public conveniences at the junction of High Street and Lumley Road, and for which about £500 has been borrowed, was brought forward, and it was suggested that the Council should lose no time in obtaining contracts for the same in order that the work might be completed before the commencement of next season.
Mr Smalley pointed out that in going underground with this work they would have some difficulties to contend with.
He thought that after digging down a few feet they would get into a gravel bed, and not be able to get a foundation.
Mr Dunkley said if there was any danger of running silt it would be rather dangerous.
The Surveyor said he saw no difficulty there whatsoever.
The Chairman remarked that this matter had already been threshed out.
The Clerk thought that engineering skill would overcome any difficulties of the kind mentioned.

The Council set a date for another meeting and resolved to advertise for tenders.

See also the Demolition of the Underground Toilets in Skegness.


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