The Hudson Quads

Four at a Birth

The wife of Mr Robert Hudson Jnr., of the Hudson Band, Skegness, Lincolnshire, has given birth to four children at a birth.

Two of them, a boy and a girl, are living, and they and the mother are doing well.

Source: Reynolds’s Newspaper (London, England), Sunday, January 17, 1897

Note: It appears, from the article, of the four babies that were born, two were stillborn. Only two babies’ births were registered, as below:

Births Mar 1897

Hudson Fred Rennison Spilsby 7a 605
Hudson Jinnie Pickup Spilsby 7a 604

Deaths Mar 1897

Hudson Fred Rennison 0 Spilsby 7a 394b

It will be seen that the boy died not long after his birth. The National Burial Index records him being buried in St Clement’s Church, Skegness, on 3rd April, 1897, aged two months. There is also an entry in the National Burial Index for a Jennie Pickup Hudson who was buried, also in St Clement’s Church, on 9th July 1898. The age is recorded as 18, but I’m certain this a transcription error and it should actually be 18 months. This is confirmed by a General Records Office entry:

Deaths Sep 1898

Hudson Jennie Pickup 1year Spilsby 7a 369

The middle names of Rennison and Pickup are names of spouses in the Hudson family.

After doing further research, I am of the opinion that the name of the father is actually Richard and not Robert, as the newspaper reports. Richard married Sarah Rennison (the babies’ mother) in 1892.

The family is related to the famous Eli Hudson of Skegness.

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