The Green Bank


The Earl of Scarbrough is, through his agent, Mr. H. V. Tippet, continually making improvements in Skegness.

A short time ago we announced the completion of the road, or rather a continuation of the parade, from the Pier to the Sea View Hotel. This was one of the greatest improvements made here for several years. There has just been erected a handsome shelter on the sea-side of this new road, and which will be greatly appreciated by visitors during the season.

What is known as “The Green Bank” the open space between the Baths and the Sea View Hotel, has also been greatly improved. The walks have been re-made and put in excellent condition, additional seats placed here and there, and more trees planted. This is now becoming a favourite resort for visitors, and it might very appropriately be re-named “The Park.” The footpath on the Roman Bank, near the National Schools, has also been greatly improved, and is now in splendid condition.

Source: Skegness Herald 10th April 1896

The Park Skegness

Note: This story reveals that The Park, which later became known as The Jungle when it overgrew, was initially namedĀ The Green Bank. The photograph above shows the area in question during Edwardian times, when the flora was planted and developed, as described in the story.


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