Skegness Station master Resigns

Source: Skegness Hearld Nov 1899

We regret to announce, in consequence of failing eyesight, Mr George Tuckerman, stationmaster at Skegness, has found it necessary to resign from the office he has had for nearly eighteen years.
He sent in his resignation a few days since and he will sever his connection with the Greater Northern Railway at the end of the present year.
He has worked the heavy excursion traffic on a single line, and it may be said to his credit, without a single hitch occurring. He will probably see the double line to Firsby completed, and after this is accomplished it will be a much easier task for those who come after him.
Visitors and others will regret to hear that Mr Tuckerman whose face after so many years of service here is familiar to them is about to resign and particularly the cause of his resignation.
We understand that he has been in the service of the Great Northern Railway Company for about forty years and is now only 62 years of age. We are persuaded that he will carry with him in his retirement the good wishes of all the classes, and that he may live for a good many years to come.

More about Mr Tuckerman:
George Tuckerman was born in Devonshire in c1839, and during his time at the Skegness Railway Station, would have lived in the Lumley Lodge, stationmaster’s house, pictured below.
You can see him on the 1891 census…


… living in Skegness with his wife and three daughters.
Shortly after his retirement, as he would have to have vacated Lumley Lodge, he moved to Hinkley in Leicester where he eventually died in 1910.

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