Sea Water Baths Tenders Advert


TENDERS are REQUIRED for the ERECTION of the proposed SWIMMING, PRIVATE, and TURKISH BATHS, at Skegness, in the County of Lincoln, and for Iron Roofs, covered with corrugated iron to the two swimming baths, and iron piping tosupply sea water to the same.

Persons desirous to tender for the above are requested to apply to the architect, Mr. James Whitton, 7, Tentercroft-street, Lincoln, for bills of quantities, on or before the 26th instant.

The Directors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender.—By Order, THIMBLEBY & SON, Solicitors, December 13th, 1881. Spilsby.


Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Tuesday 20 December 1881

Note: The baths referred to in the 1881 advertisement above are, of course, the Scarbrough Avenue Sea Water Baths.


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