Post Office Removal

The post office has been removed to 5 Lumley Road, a few doors from the Herald office, and the new premises were open for business on Tuesday morning last. The new office is not only in a more central part of the town, it is more commodious, more convenient and in every way better adapted to meet the requirements of this interesting business.

The front part, formerly used as a shop is devoted entirely for the use of the public. There are two counters at right-angles, at the window end of one of these is a desk and at the other or inner end is the telegraph apparatus. This is a decided improvement on that which hitherto has been here. There will be no possible chance of anyone being able to look in at the window and see the messages that arrive or are dispatched. It times when there is a rush, there is a second counter available. Suitable tables are arranged for the sorting of letters, stamping, etc. and for all the work connected with the arrival and dispatch of mail.

Mrs Cutler who has had considerable experience in post office work has been appointed Post Mistress and she has an able staff of assistants.

Source: Skegness Herald 1898

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