Perrin Family Noah's Ark Compared to Dickens Novel

The novel dwelling place of the Peggotty family at Yarmouth, as depicted by Dickens in “David Copperfield”, finds a counterpart in real life at Skegness where Mr. and Mrs. Perrin live in a boat, which they call “Noah’s Ark.”

They have dwelt in it for thirty years, rearing sixteen children there. Outside it does not look an inviting or even a habitable place, but inside it is as cosy a shelter as anyone could wish on a stormy, cold night. The boat was once used for fishing. Now it stands high and dry, of reach of its native element, except at those periods of the year when the high tides come, and then the Perrin household is surrounded by water. The inside consists of two large-sized rooms. You enter by a door cut in the side of the boat, into the living-room.

At the keel of the boat are what used to be the sleeping-bunks: they have been converted into very useful cupboards. The walls are grained and varnished, and, on the whole, the boat is exceedingly comfortable.

Source: The Ipswich Journal (Ipswich, England), Friday, January 14, 1898

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