Marwood Executioner Cousin an Imposter



We have received the following letter from Mr. William Marwood on the subject of the reported visit of his cousin and assistant to the Tombs prison in the state of New York: —

To the Editor of the Evening News.

William Marwood Executioner of Horncastle

Dear Sir,—In the Wednesday Evening News of May 19, 1880, there is a statement from the New York Herald which is an untruth. It is a forgery on my name as the executioner of Great Britain to state that he was cousin and principal assistant of William Marwood, of Horncastle, the executioner. Now please take notice that this is to inform you that he is not my assistant, nor ever has been, nor any relation. I don’t know the impostor. It is time that all such impostors were brought, to justice. I think it my duty to let the people of New York and Portsmouth and the world know that he is an impostor upon the public.

Sir, I notice that the impostor has taken the name of Frederick William Marwood, but there was not a statement as to where he was born, or even in what country. I shall be glad to read this in your paper, and if you insert it you will oblige me and the public at large.

Sir, I remain, your humble servant, William Marwood, Executioner. Church Lane, Homcastle, Lincolnshire, England, May 21, 1880.

Source: Portsmouth Evening News – Monday 24 May 1880


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