Improvements in Skegness

The past twelve months may almost be considered an exceptional one in the history of our increasingly popular seaside resort, for within this brief period two places of worship, and two public institutions have been opened, and two of the finest terraces in Skegness completed, besides a number of other buildings erected.

The first of these in order was the New Primitive Methodist Chapel and schools, which have been erected at the cost of £1,850. The foundation stones were laid in April last year and the building was completed and opened about a month since.

The Derby Poor Children’s Seaside Home which has been erected on the Roman Bank at the North-west Corner of Scarbrough Avenue was opened by the Duchess of Rutland on the 1st June last.

A new Roman Catholic Church has been erected in Grosvenor Road, and this was opened at the end of September last, by Dr. Bagshawe, the Bishop of Nottingham.

In addition to these a steam Laundry has been built here by a company and commenced operations during last season, and has proved a great boon to Skegness.

The handsome terraces erected by Mr E Handsley on the North Parade, and by Mr Pawson, in Scarbrough Avenue have been completed and are all occupied.

Hildred’s Hotel has been re-built by Messers. Bass and Co. at a cost of several thousand pounds, and is now on the point of completion.

The Pier Hotel is now being considerably enlarged by Messers. Allsop and Co., at a cost, we understand, of about £2,000; and the Lion Hotel has also been enlarged, and considerable improvements made in its internal arrangements.

A pair of villas have been erected on the South Parade, and in Algitha Road building operations have been going on rather briskly.

Plans have been passed for more semi-detached villas in this road which will soon be filled.

Many houses have been erected on the Wainfleet Road and on Roman Bank, and more are in contemplation.

A Wesleyan Manse is now being erected in the Lumley Avenue.

The Pier Saloon has been enlarged by adding to it that portion of the building hitherto used as a refreshment room, thus providing seating accommodation for several hundred more persons.

A new and most convenient refreshment rooms have been erected at the south-west corner of the pier.

Source: Skegness Herald 19th April 1899

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