Gale Damage in Skegness

Much damage to property was done in October, 1881, when the worse gales for a number of years swept the country.

In Skegness, chimney stacks were blown down at the Pier and Lumley Hotels and other places.

The gable end of some houses in Lumley-road, which were being erected by Mr. Crawshaw, fell and broke in the neighbouring roof and forced down large portion of the front wall of tbe building.

The large chimney, 70ft. high, at Messrs. Waith and Dunkley’s brickyard, was blown down, fortunately without any damage to tbe surrounding buildings.

A bathing-van was blown out to sea, and wooden stable was lifted bodily and deposited on tbe top of some out-bouses 30 yards away.

The pier was not damaged further than losing a few lamp tops.

Haystacks were blown down and trees uprooted in all directions.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 21 October 1881


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