Explosion at the Pavilion

Fright in a Skegness Ballroom

An alarming incident occurred on Thursday night, in the Pleasure Gardens Pavilion, Skegness, while the fancy dress ball, in connection with the Battle of Flowers, was at its height.

A slight escape of gas near the gas meter in one of the retiring rooms caused a small explosion, when one of the attendants was searching for the escape with a lighted match.

Fortunately one of the local gas-fitters was on the premises, and soon put out the flame.

The local fire brigade were called up, but found they were not required, although they turned out very smartly.

The sudden extinction of the gas and the cry for water caused a slight panic in the ballroom.

Within half an hour dancing was in full swing again.

The prizes for the best fancy costumes for ladies fell to Miss R Ross, as a Spanish gipsy, and Miss Dolly Dunkley, as Sports; while Mr R H Ferguson, as Mephistopheles, and Mr G Dunkley (jnr) as a Matador, captured those for gentlemen.

Source: The Derby Mercury (Derby, England), Wednesday, July 12, 1899


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