Enlargement of the Skegness Railway Station

A considerable, and a much-needed, improvement is now being effected at the Skegness railway station.
That portion of the platform just inside the station allotted to the public who are waiting for the departure of their trains, is to be greatly enlarged so as to give rooms for about two thousand persons. The present space will accommodate only about two or three hundred. In order to carry out this enlargement about twenty yards in length will be taken off the ends of the four or five train platforms, and the four foot ways filled up, a portion of the Refreshment Rooms buildings taken down, and the public platform also extended about thirty feet further towards the late cattle market.The whole of this platform will be covered in, and the improvement, which, it is expected, will be completed by Whitsuntide next, will be an immense boon to the excursionists, especially on big excursion days, of which we have many during the season. It will also be a great advantage in other respects as it will enable the officials to load about 6,000 persons at once, and allow them to dispatch twelve trains in rapid succession. To compensate for the loss of the length of the railway platforms at the Station end they will be correspondingly lengthened at the other, and in order to allow of this being done the signal box will need to be removed from its present position. The work, which has already commenced, will cost, we understand, about £1,000. Another improvement is also about to be carried out at the station, is the lighting of the whole of the station buildings and platforms with gas, instead of oil as at present. It is remarkable that gas had not long since been substituted for oil.
Picture: Skegness railway station photographed in 1877.
train_station_1877Source: Skegness Herald 10th April 1896

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